Where Does The Money Go?

The Single MOM KC was founded to help provide hope, courage, and community to the 61,600+ single mother families in the KC Metro Area. Bearing the full responsibility of parenthood and provision for a family is often exhausting and isolating. We invite single moms to join us in community by equipping their family and providing resources to be restored into a better story. TSMKC is led by single moms who took ownership of their stories, created the community they needed, and now are seeing stories of triumph take place for other mothers in the Kansas City area.

The Single MOM KC is an affiliate of Mountain of Myrrh, (M.O.M.), a not-for-profit 501c3 organization.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit The Single MOM KC and go directly toward:

    • Workshops, classes, and other resources to equip and educate mothers in various areas.
    • Support groups, pastoral care, and inter-ministry networking for single mothers.
    • Operation of our clothing boutique, Clothed with Dignity, where moms can “shop” for free.
    • Family fun events for single mothers and their children.
    • Leadership development, training, and practical and spiritual mentoring for single mothers.

Here are just some of the ways your fundraising dollars are used to help us make the impact we are able to provide.

$25 = Clothed with Dignity Boutique visit

Provides one single mother a one-time visit to The Single MOM KC specialty boutique, where she can receive $300+ in clothing, jewelry, accessories, and services.

The Single MOM KC currently experiences over 1000 visits to their boutique per year.

$50 = Pursuit Monthly Gathering for one family

Ensures that one single mother family is able to participate in one of TSMKC’s monthly Pursuit Meetings, empowering them in financial wholeness, emotional well-being, and/or nutrition for the family.

$100 = One Full Day Workshop

Provides one single mother family the opportunity to attend one of our full day workshops with breakfast, lunch, children’s programming and materials provided.

$250 = Leadership Training for 1 month

10 single mothers have taken ownership of their stories and have committed to a 2 year community leader internship with TSMKC. These women gather monthly for equipping, training, accountability and community!