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So far, the Piece to Peace team challenge has raised $17,268.41 of the $15,000.00 overall donations goal for this fundraising event!

And, that’s only donations. Overall, you helped us raise $45,000 in just our first year! CLICK HERE to see how these funds will be used to make a difference.

2020 Event Highlights:

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About This Fundraiser

Piece to Peace was The Single MOM KC’s first-ever team challenge fundraiser. Teams of four competed in a variety of fun challenges at sponsored challenge stops while learning about the stories of single moms and how they find peace amid life’s journey. All funds raised from this community event will go directly towards helping single moms navigating the Piece to Peace challenges in their own lives.

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Why is Fundraising Necessary?

The Single MOM KC was founded to help provide hope, courage, and community to the 61,600+ single mother families in the KC Metro Area. Without the generosity of sponsors and supporters like you, we could not offer services to equip these families and provide resources to be help restore them into a better story.

Thanks to all of the Piece to Peace Supporters!


Kim Kardash

$10.61 November 27, 2020

Meisha Shedrick

$26.06 November 25, 2020


Anonymous User


$25.00 November 23, 2020

Heather Gannon

$51.80 November 20, 2020

Charlie Argard

$75.00 November 19, 2020
Anonymous User


$80.00 November 18, 2020
Anonymous User


$20.00 November 18, 2020
Anonymous User


$100.00 November 18, 2020

Genesis KC

$200.00 November 18, 2020

Scott Lash

$100.00 November 18, 2020

Wesley Gill

$25.00 November 18, 2020

brad finkeldei

$51.80 November 18, 2020